Spaetzle with chanterelles

Darf es mal etwas Besonderes sein, dann probieren Sie mal dieses exklusive Spätzlerezept

Preparation Spätzle:

That's how it works:

Clean the chanterelle mushroom with flour, chop the onions and lightly sauté with bacon and fresh herbs in a cast-iron pan. Cook on a plate. You still need the pan for the spit, please put it back on the stove and melt the butter.
Prepare the spaghetti according to the basic recipe: bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. And now it starts. Scrape one portion at a time into the slightly boiling water. As soon as the spikes float up with a foam spoon and bring directly into the pan.
Sprinkle with cheese and turn several times, only lightly sauté.
Chanterelles with bacon and chanterelles Add the onion dumplings and serve in the pan.
A light Riesling from the Mosel will fit.
We would like to have a good appetite!