Spätzle-Sieve and grater for small pots – Spätzlewunder, the Spaetzle Maker

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Spätzle (or Spaetzle) and Knöpfle (or Knoepfle) are traditional south German pasta... more
Product information "Spätzle-Sieve and grater for small pots – Spätzlewunder, the Spaetzle Maker"

Spätzle (or Spaetzle) and Knöpfle (or Knoepfle) are traditional south German pasta dishes, which can be made in many variations. Spätzle are the longer, Swabian version, while Knöpfle are the much shorter, Bavarian variations. A self-made dough is being either scraped through a plate with holes or pressed - an annoying and tidious job. Therefore, many people switch to ready-made products, which are in no way comparable to homemade Spätzle and Knöpfle. But not anymore, thanks to Muxel’s Spätzlewunder!

In the future, you can make fresh homemade Spätzle in all possible variations yourself. 

As a side dish or main course. Spicy, bitter, fruity or sweet. Asian with curry, colorful with tomatoes and spinach, vegan without eggs, or quark Spätzle as dessert. There are no limits to your imagination.
Super simple - Super fast - Super clean
Just put the Spätzle dough on Muxel’s Spätzlewunder and push it through with the patent scraper. If you work with the rounding of Muxel’s patent scraper, you will get long Spätzle, when using the sharp edge, you'll get short Spätzle. ! It couldn't be faster or easier!
Making delicious traditional German pasta with Muxel's Spätzle board is faster than cooking noodles! Once you experience the incredible speed at which your Spätzle bowl fills up, you will never give up this magical kitchen helper again.
Don't worry about the Spätzle dough, it's really easy to make, and the Spätzlewunder doesn't care whether your dough is thicker or thinner, made from wholemeal flour or spelt flour. It gets along with any dough. The result is always the same: delicious, homemade, fresh Spätzle. After the work is done, the Spätzlewunder simply goes into the dishwasher or you can rinse it with a dishwasher brush in no time and it will be spotless again.
Even as a Spätzle professional, you can benefit from Muxel’s Spätzlewunder. It's ideal if you don't always want to scrape by hand, have had enough of the Spätzle plane or if the press is too heavy.

What is the secret of Muxel’s Spätzle board?

Muxel's Spätzle board is made of the special plastic Lonsi-Yol. Its surface is so smooth that the spaetzle dough hardly sticks and can be pushed through the holes very easily - without clumping or clogging the holes. In addition, there is the unique patented special scraper, which you only get exclusively from Muxel's Spätzlewunder. You can not only use it for long Swabian Spätzle but also for short Bavarian Knöpfle - according to your wishes.

Are Spätzle the better pasta?

Spätzle can be prepared in many ways, for example as Spätzle ala carbonara.

Making your own Spätzle is easy with the Spätzlewunder.
Putting the dough on the Spätzlewunder
Let the water boil lightly in the pot. Not too strong, otherwise the dough will harden.
Working the dough on the Spätzlewunder
Scrape through with the patent scraper
Use the scraper to scrape the dough through the Spätzlewunder. If you work with the round side, the Spätzle become longer, scrape with the edge and short Spätzle (Knöpfle) fall into the water.
Spätzle fall into the pot
That's how the Spätzle get through the Spätzle board. As soon as the Spätzle swim up, they are finished. Please take them out immediately. Either enjoy as a side dish, or process to Allgäuer Käsespätzle (Allgäu cheese Spätzle).
Fits many pots

The Spätzlewunder always has three steps. Thanks to these rings, the Spätzlewunder universally fits on three different pot sizes.

• Pots with a diameter of 16cm
• Pots with a diameter of 18cm
• Pots with a diameter of 20cm

No matter which pot you take, with the Spätzlewunder pasta maker, Spätzle will always succeed without any practice.
Patent scraper
With the ingenious patent scraper, you can easily scrape short Spätzle (Knöpfle) and long Spätzle - use the rounded side for long ones and the edge for short ones.
The unique Spätzle scraper belongs exclusively to the Spätzlewunder from Muxel.
The Spätzlewunder is delivered with a scraper and a recipe booklet.

In the small recipe booklet you will find many different Spätzle recipes. From the base recipe over cheese Spätzle to whole grain Spätzle. Sweet Spätzle are also included. The first page contains the exact instructions for the Spätzle miracle.
No fear of the Spätzle dough, whether the dough is thicker or thinner, firm or rather liquid doesn't matter with the Spätzlewunder, absolutely everyone can prepare delicious Spätzle noodles in minutes.

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