Simply delicious cheese spaetzle

Cheese spaetzle enrich your menu,

they can be served in countless variations. Almost every cheese you can use, your imagination decides every time as your cheese spätzle taste, mild with cream sauce, hearty with spicy mountain cheese. 
Enjoy the spaetzle with sautéed bacon or vegetarian with mushrooms and fresh herbs but also vegan with cheese substitute. 
Discover the most different species on this page. I have tried all the recipes myself and there are more and more.

Original Allgäu cheese spaetzle
Swabian cheese spaetzle, classic
Simple cheese spaetzle

Kässpätzle-with-cream sauce

Cheese spaetzle with cream sauce, ...

Cream sauce goes well with your cheese spaetzle

Spinach spaetzle-parmesan

Spinach spaetzle with mozzarella ...

Cheese spaetzle is not only with Emmentaler


Cheese spaetzle with parmesan cheese ...

Italian flair in the Swabian spaetzle cuisine.


The cheese spaetzle pan from Muxel

Many know the legendary pan from the fair


Swiss cheese spätzle with potatoes

Chnöpfli with potatoes, in German, spaetzle with potatoes.

Cheese and spaetzle

Which cheese is best for the cheese spaetzle? 
The simple answer is almost every cheese. The "Original Swabian cheese spaetzle recipe" you have to know, this was formerly only a poor people food, and the cheese was not picky. One took the cheese that was available. Officially, Emmentaler is considered the cheese that fits the spaetzle . Just as well goes Swiss cheese, Edamer and Gauda. 
Precise information about cheese spaetzle, the origin and the cheese, of course, completely missing, since the lower layer, which cooked this today's spaetzle specialty earlier could neither read nor was certainly the letter was powerful. So any record of the history of the cheese spaetzle is missing. Of course, the higher layers that could write have never written about this weird meal of the mob.Unfortunately, we are so dependent on assumptions. 
Back to the cheese, even today almost every cheese is used, it depends only on the area where you get served cheese noodles, in the Allgäu and in Vorarlberg, of course, with mountain cheese, possibly even in addition to Romadur, in Swabia you will rather not the milder enjoy so spicy variant. But no matter what cheese, the main thing is the spaetzle itself and fresh made.

That says the expert and "spaetzle lovers"

It is written in the Duden: "cheese spätzle = food prepared from spaetzle and melted cheese" 
In fact, they are certainly the tastiest vegetarian dish in the world. And beware, you can never eat enough of this Swabian specialty (spätzlealität) , there is a danger of addiction. 
The basis for cheese spaetzle - also called cheese sparrows - are actually no spaetzle but Knöpfle. Although Knöpfle and Spaetzle consist of the same ingredients. But Knöpfle are smaller and rounder than Spaetzle. Therefore, the dough for Knöpfle must be slightly more fluid. If you serve spaetzle with cheese, lettuce is traditionally part of it. By the way! Cheese spaetzle on the next day tasted roasted in the pan also very delicious. 
If you are traveling through Southern Germany, you will find cheese noodles on almost every inn on the menu, because they are as much a part of Swabia as the lid of a pot. Unfortunately, the spaetzle is made fresh in the rarest cases, or worse, you get ready-made spaetzle with cheese. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with this traditional dish. So if you've tried cheese spaetzle before and have not liked it, now know why. Spaetzle must always be fresh and homemade.

Allgäuer Käsespätzle the specialty from the mountains

Who has not tried them yet, after a wonderful hike through the mountains or after a fast descent on the piste, this tasty, yellow herbal smelling specialty from the Allgäu. 
Delicious Kaas sparrows, as the Allgäu says, taste just as well on the sun terrace as they do in the cozy warm room of the mountain lodge. 
The good news is that every spaetzle cooks from now on and here you will find exactly the cheese spaetzle recipe you are looking for. 
It's very easy, tastes great and if you make the spaetzle yourself you know exactly what's inside ...

Does it always have to be Allgäu cheese spaetzle?

No, spaetzle refined with cheese, as a main course or as a side dish there are in the meantime in many different flavors. It all starts with the cheese, whether you make the spaetzle classically with Emmentaler or really spicy with mountain cheese makes a huge difference. You can also bake the cheese spaetzle. 
We have put together many different cheese spaetzle recipes for you, just give it a try, it's easy, it's quick and the Swabian would say: "It does not bang" (It costs almost nothing)

Enrich your diet with spaetzle, because not only spaghetti can be prepared in a variety of ways. Whether refined with rocket and parmesan, with fresh herbs, hot chillies and garlic, spätzle becomes an international specialty.