Spaetzle or Knoepfle?

A question of length, not of taste!

There are supposed to be people who claim that only their spaetzle are the real ones. This is of course pure nonsense ....
Of course, it is clear that if you have always had a long spice or a short breakfast since childhood, you will certainly claim the long spatters or short buds are the best.

You need to know that there are traditionally different spike shapes. Before our ingenious spice board, Womens preferred to use the spreader, called Spaetzle-Schwob . Spaces are almost as long as Italian spaghetti. In Alemannic Allgau, in Bavaria, in Baden, in Switzerland and in Austria short spatters are preferred. To make them, you needed a spatula earlier. In fact, this instrument should be called Knoepflehobel , because short spaetzle are nothing else than Knouml; pfle.

Fortunately, there is the patent scraper of Muxel, so you can easily scrap long spaetzle or short Knöpfle.

You see, there is no reason to kindle a religious war about the length of the story? Important is only their incomparable taste.
With our Spaetzle Board you can both succeed equally Well. What matters is how steeply you lead the scraper's spike board. The steeper, the shorter the spokes will become. The flatter, the louder the individual spurts become.

But again, whether the spätzles are long or short and then more probably rather Knöpfle hot, only important is they are fresh and homemade.