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International spaetzle recipes



It has not been so long since even at official events of the "Swabian heads of state" no Spätzle were served, but they were long considered "Bettelleits Nudla" (noodles of beggars) 
Fortunately, or because of the good taste of the spaetzle, these times are long gone. Because living abroad Swabians and especially former students who have studied in Germany spread this Spaetzle worldwide. Yes Spaetzle have been in some student dorm several fellow students from the safe starvation protected. So it is not surprising that the Spaetzle has today almost blossomed into an international specialty. Spätzle are loved and eaten all over the world today.You can find spaetzle on menus in New York's fine dining restaurants as well as in the south of France or Istanbul. Of course, not only all over the world but also in space . There are now many international dishes served with Swabian pasta. Here is a small selection:


Why not even spaetzle "fast food" your imagination knows no bounds. Create this Spätzleburger and bring new ideas to your table. 

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Spaetzle Mediterranean

Enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine at home, prepared with local spaetzle enriches this delicious meal your meal plan. Arugula and Parmesan give the special taste. 

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spinatspaetzle-with-gorgonzolavGks9CEuOq33J spinach spaetzle

A delicious variation of the "normal" spaetzle is spinach spaetzle. 

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Spaetzle in wok

Why not Asian? The Spätzle also taste exotic, try something new. Spaetzle are very versatile and are suitable for your recipe ideas. 
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