Süsse Spätzle

Sweet spaetzle

Spaetzle are so versatile, and so it is not surprising that there are also some delicious recipe for sweet spaetzle. Sweet spaetzle, also as a main course for big and small children with berries, applesauce or peaches. But just as much as we like the delicious temptation as a dessert with poppy seeds or coconut rasps.

suessespaetzle-with-apfelmuss6ThZ1Xva1QX2M Sweet spaetzle

Spätzle are eaten just as sweet, just with icing sugar and cinnamon these are for your children to enjoy. Sweet things can be so delicious. 
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Sweet poppy spaetzle

Sweet Mohn spaetzle, a pleasure that not only reminds you of your childhood but also of Christmas market atmosphere and romantic winter evenings. 
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Sweet apple spaetzle spaetzle

Just delicious. Spätzle taste sweet. Try spaetzle with apple sauce. Spaetzle are very versatile and are also suitable as a dessert. 
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