Making paetzle does not have to be a dream

BECAUSE you make your own magic is amazingly easy!

  • Making a spike yourself is a wonderfully clean thing
  • Home-made items do not just look inviting.
  • Home-made tartlets taste seductively good ...


How do you do Spätzle?

Or have you fancied the one - time factory noodle out of the door?
Even if you have never done it or the laundry afterwards you enjoy the spa? Spoiler has to make a dream.

What if a real story wonder rose from your dream dreams and:

Cooking spaetzle would be just like simple pancakes
Spätzle, freshly cooked, would be faster on the table than any bag pasta and the Spätzle utensils would be lightning fast again sparkling.
Would the canned noodles stay in the drawer now, until they turn black?

Utensils would flash again as lightning-fast as lightning.
Would you like the confiscated factory noodles to remain in the drawer as soon as they turn black?
Because now you can also make homemade miracle candles. As delicious as your grandmother's hand-scraped! They are tender on the tongue, are firm in the bite and have a soothing effect on your taste buds.

A spaetzle wonder is not a dream. The spaetzle miracle is wonderfully real.

With your own hands you conjure tasty savory spaetzle right away, tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow, because it is so quick and clean by the hand. And on Wednesday right there, because there's a visit.
Finally you can make as many delicious spaetzle as you want, thanks to Spätzlewunder. Bring original Swabian food culture into the house!
Spontaneous visit is pending? In a jiffy you dazzle your guests with Swabian Gaumencharme. Whether you reveal your little secret to the miraculous spaetzle preparation ... that's up to you.

  1. Spätzle cooking can only be done in Swabia.
  2. Cooking spaetzle is expensive.
  3. Cooking spaetzle makes a lot of mess.
  4. Spaetzle dough is difficult
  • Spätzles can also cook non-Swabians.
  • The The Cook is relaxed and happy.
  • In the kitchen, everything is spotless
  • Cooking is CHILDREN'S PLAY



Spaetzle succeed everyone with Muxel's spaetzle miracle:

Facts about Spaetzle Wonder:

Thanks to its rings, your spaetzle miracle adapts to your cooking pot. (Suitable for pots from 20 to 26 cm in diameter)


So it does not matter if you want to make little spaetzle in a small potty or cook a great portion in a large pot for a large family.


Big or small, the Spaetzle Wonder comes in 2 sizes. Once for pots from 16 to 20 cm in diameter and once for pots from 20 to 26 cm in diameter.

Für den kleinen Haushalt gibt es jetzt auch das kleine Spätzlewunder, das passt auch auf richtig kleine Töpfe. Von 16 bis 20 cm Durchmesser. Auch wenn Sie das große Spätzlebrett schon haben, ist das kleine Spätzlesieb die ideale Ergänzung, mit dem kleinen Brett schaben Sie Ihre Spätzle, mit dem großen garen Sie Ihr Gemüse oder umgekeht.




The patented special scraper

Swabian inventors gave it its refined form: work on the rounding, the dough drips down long and you get Swabian spaetzle. It gets Bavarian short if you use the edge of the scraper. This cuts off the dough and it fall Knöpfle into the pot.





Order now your Muxels Spätzlebrett with special scraper in your favorite color: Already in 2-3 working days you will scare good-humored and as fast as by magic hand your own Spätzle, gladly you to enjoy the easy preparation and enjoy the delicious taste of this delicious home - style cooking!

8 different colors to choose from