Spaetzle Plane or Spaetzleboard

How does the slicer work?

How does the planer work for Spätzle? Is there an alternative to the slicer? Does the planer make a living or killing? How does the cleaning work? Many questions, the answers can be found on this page.

One thing is certain, the Splezzle- or Knoelllehobel has been around for a very long time. Nearly 100 years ago, housewives have "painet" with the predecessor models. The principle is simple, the dough is pushed through the holes by a back and forth movement, and spools or knuckles come out. It gets a bit problematic if the dough does not have the right consistency, so it can happen that the dough is simply rolled back and forth instead of running through the holes.

Homemade treats with the spatula, or rather the miracle

Short answer: The better is the Good Enemy!

Long answer: You can scrape from top to bottom with the spike board. And with the Spätzlehobel from front to back and back to.
And because everything always has to go very fast, the stove looks accordingly afterwards. Since you can be so careful, the faster you plan, the easier the dough also runs out at the back or the front. Especially if the pot is actually one size too small. Whereby the big wide towers, which are actually best for the slicer, are barely to be found in small 3-man households. They take up too much space in the cupboard and in the dishwasher.

On top of that, thanks to the fast spatula, the water also pours heavily into the water: it spills over the pot and only really completes the mess on the stove.
In addition, when you hit the spittoon over the boiling water, it's hot and full of steam. The planer covers at least one third of the pot surface. To the right and to the left of it is the heat. With one hand you hold the spatula, with the other you plan, at the same time sensitive natures try to blow away the hot steam. If that does not succeed, it quickly becomes quite hot. at the wrist. Spatula planing is quickly spoiled.

Instead of bringing freshly made sweets to the table, unfortunately, many people almost only resort to boring noodles from the tea. Although there is often " Homemade Spätzle " on the pack, with self-made cookies it does not have much to it do. You may also find an alternative if you know how to cook home-made kneading & ndash; but this is a completely different story now, and lasts at least 5x as long as tinkering with our storyboard

How does the slicer work?
The principle is simple yet a little complicated. On the planer is a container which is moved back and forth in the lateral guide rails. That's where the Spätzleteig . The movement now forces the dough through the holes and laps it into the boiling water.

Does the planer now make knelt or spice?
The spice model, as it is also called, comes in two variants, once it has normal proportions. cher, the other variant, there are only holes in the mouth, so the metal is still there. This creates small nipples where the dough pulls and so the spoon gets a little longer.
Unfortunately, this variation is even more difficult to clean because the dough is hidden in the nipples.

How to clean the slicer?
One point ahead, with many slicer planters, "stainless steel machine safe" is on the pack, but most of it will rust immediately. Very few, and usually very high-priced, keep that out. In addition, there is still the old wisdom here, always clean Spumble Gerlaette immediately and with cold water. Quite a few housewives have put their planter in the closet for the first time ever after the first time "spitting platter" and never brought it out again.

Of course, you can also cook in many other ways
For example, in the traditional way, in the traditional way of Holzbrett (swabian Brettle) scraping. Also very popular is the Spaetzle Press , suitable for long spatters. 

Pretty new is a water bottle with balls in it and shake it to the dough and then squeeze out. I'm not saying anything, just that much, at the thought of it my bleeding heart is bleeding.
A brand new invention is the Spaetzle-Michel, so that even unwanted non - Swabians, like the gay grandmother, can by hand scrape the spitting objects into the water.
And then there is still my favorite one is the spaetzlewonder ...

Spaetzle cooking is easy with the spaetzle miracle from Muxel®

With the spaetzle slicer, the consistency of the dough should be exactly right
When spaetzle miracle, the dough can be thick or thin, the result is always delicious spaetzle.
With the spaetzle slicer, you often find the dough not just in the pot after cooking but outside and on the hob
Everything is still clean at the Spaetzle Wonder
The spaetzle slicer is very difficult to clean with cold water
The spaetzle miracle comes in the dishwasher

Now say, "What are Spätzle?"

The answer is not that simple, because when the Swabian speaks of his spitzle, it can either be his beloved wife, his child or grandchild. However, when he speaks of his spitters, it is certainly the delicious, yellow things that are fragrant in his plate waiting to be eaten by him to the fullest. For a long time, the ladies do not have to wait, because no Swabian can resist this yellow temptation.

The short answer would be: dough scraped in small pieces into boiling water, sipped with the spatula or planed with the Knöhlelpfloor and taken out again immediately, these are spaghetti.

And now it's already getting complicated. "Send yet koine Spaltzla" (These are not spätzle) would sway some Schwabe, if they are not uniformly very long and very thin, almost spaghetti. For the others, it is only spatters if they were scraped unevenly from the board. But the Bavarian Swabian wants his Spatza (Spätzle) round and short, as it comes from the Späta plane or as the Allgäu says, Spatzenhobel. Some just say spaspers. He does not want the long dormant room. But these are not Spätzle, they are knocks.

Then again, he does not quite agree, because the Badener says to his spice also Knoumlpfli, but they must nevertheless either come out of the press for a long time or in a row, or be scraped by hand, k & ouml; But they can also be made with the slicer, but then they have to have small pimples at the bottom, so that they can be used again.

Alright? Do not worry, it gets even more complicated when you go to Switzerland, because they do not call you Knöhlle or Spleetlezle, but Chnumpfli, then you're more likely to be around again. Or in Austria, from the Knoblauchhaus in Vorarlberg (very small and round, the smaller the better made with the Spätzlehobel) in Graz and Vienna, there are Nockerln, who must then be big, very big ; his. Sometimes you will be thrown into the boiling water with a small spoon in turn.

You notice that is not easy with the spätzle. But that was just the form, the dough, the confusion is even greater.

But do not worry: First, you can use our story wonder to create just about any ornamental or ornamental form. Second, no matter what shape your charms have, they will always be tasty.

In short, what spätzle are not: Spätzle are by no means any dried pieces of dough, which are offered in Spätlieformform in more or less colorful plastic bags for sale. Also, little in common with freshly cut labels have various deep-frozen products.