Scrape spaetzle by hand

Hand-scraped spaetzle: either magic or long practice
Fri, when young German housewives at the age of 10 at the age of 10 make their mum or dad Granny learned, Spätzle were still scraped with a sharp wide knife from a wet wooden board in the boiling water. Anyone who has had this procedure for a long time and often enough has been able to fix that.
Nowadays, even for a long time, we have to look for women who are still using their knives on the kitchen Scrape board. You have our utmost respect!
But hand on heart: As great as it is to master this ancient art of cooking: with our magic miracle, heavenly charms are easy much, much faster on the table. And they taste just as good.
Try it. If you have a lot of time in a day, scrape your spit using the old known method. If it's quicker and easier to go, use our Spätzle set or the little Spell Wonder.

Our spaetzle board or traditional hand scraping

Spatulas by hand or rather the magic miracle

At this point:
As a Swabian, of course, I still Handpainted Spaces the trick of spice art Just who can still do it, who may be proud.
The other question is, why not make it easier from time to time? Variety: Sundays Handgeschabt - weekdays from the board or vice versa. You do not have to scrape sparingly, there are of course simpler methods. The Swabians take for the Spaetzle Press . In Bavaria, Austria and also in Switzerland, a slicer is the place to be.
Because with spätzle, the most important thing is to make the spätzles themselves and fresh, then they also taste really delicious

Mei heiligs Brettle

So, or so, the Swabian and the Swan would probably call his or her spade board with which they have been scraping the spit by hand into the boiling water by hand.
But what does a spade board look like? In any case, it must be chamfered forward, so that the tumblers then slide better into the water. Almost always it is made of maple wood, beautiful light, so it looks appetizing in the kitchen. And beware, never use the spice board as a cutting board, otherwise it will possibly be scratched by cuts and the dough will not slip so well anymore. Such a badge board needs to be well cared for, after all, it is a "Saint's Brettle".
The Swanish board has a lot of resemblance to an oriental rug, the more one enters and the other the more the spiked board we use the more valuable it becomes, it gets smoother, the dough slips better and better.
With this comes the knife, the spatula or a neat one Scraper with which the dough pieces are scraped by hand. Undoubtedly, of course, this will give the most beautiful spurts, but only if you master the art of scraping, otherwise the attempt usually ends in a small to medium disaster.
The spiciness must be beautiful but not too thin, and in no case too thick, evenly and unevenly scraped, because if they are too similar, it looks unnatural. But if the spatters are too uneven, then somebody could immediately come up with the idea that you do not master the "hand cockroach" ... OK, so one or two very big spatters go along with it, but no more, no more than three.
But each and every one of you will tell you something else and anyway, the most beautiful spit will of course scrape it.
Note Scraping a hand by hand is really not easy ...

Hand-scraped spaetzle

Some Swabians have probably already dreamed
It's about time someone finally invents something that can scrape every perfect "hand-scraped" but unfortunately, that's how it is never give it. And the way it is with wishes, they will come true at some point.


The Spätzle-Michel is here, the first thing to do spades by hand, super fast, super easy. AND THE BEST OF IT; EVERYONE CAN DO THIS IMMEDIATELY, and without any harm whatsoever.
The Spaetzle-Michel