Tasty recipes cooked in steam

A healthy and tasty treat ... If you do not want to cook like all the others, "Just boil it with water", then cook in the steam!

Health: Stay cooked with steam Vitamins Minerals and trace elements are spared during cooking in the steam and remain largely preserved
Appearance: Steamed Foods retain their color and shape. Your eyes will thank you.
Taste: Steamed foods retain most of the flavorings: Food cooked in steam remains juicy and does not taste dehydrated.

Especially vegetables - spaghetti (Zoodles) are cooked in steam in a few minutes and taste really delicious.

Meatballs Koenigsberger-Klopse
With rice or potatoes as a side dish a great dish
veal ravioli veal ravioli with pesto
The veal sausages are cooked together with the potatoes.
Duck breast in lemon fragrance Duck breast in lemon fragrance
It could not be better, test this recipe
trout trout
Always a poem; Trout with Almond Shard
asparagus with raw ham asparagus with raw ham
Fresh asparagus green and white; with raw ham
Redfish Mediterranean Redfish Mediterranean
Steamed, the fish will not break up
​​Pork medallions with cheese Pork medallions with cheese
Cooked and gently cooked, this is how the pork medallions taste

Cooking in steam - recipes

Vegetables leaves its color and taste in the vapor

Cooking in the steam is not an invention of the modern kitchen, rather a reintroduction of old ones, because for more than 2000 years the Asians prepare their dishes preferably in the steam.
In your food should be m? ol as many nutrients as possible are preserved - In Muxel's Steamer, the nutrients in your food are almost completely retained, as well as the shape and color.
In Muxel's Steamer, your food is not leached or softened but only the steam will sweep your food evenly, they will not dry out and the vitamins (often water soluble) and nutrients will be retained.
In the steam, no flavors are transferred, so that you can easily cook carrots next to potato, leeks, as well as garlic.
You can also open Muxels steamer at any time, so that you first have your potatoes, then the fish fillets and finally add your broccoli, prepare a wonderful meal with just one pot. for one to two people.