Spaetzle are versatile

At spaetzle, most think of noodles made by Swabians hand-scraped into secret recipes. That was true, but not really in the new era. Spätzle are now one of the most versatile foods ever. First of all, all you can imagine, you can also put in your spicy dough.

I've heard of people mixing the fish into the dough, others adding pounded vegetables to it. Splez tzle you can scoop; as a dessert or sour as a salad. Spätzle are main course or side dish, Spätzle are delicious and if you're vegan, Spätzle are all just not boring ...

You will find a selection of the different labels as an attachment here:

Spinach spaetzle made with fresh spinach do not just look great

Spinach spaetzle: Why do not you spice up your kids, your kids will be thrilled, your kids will be even more, because spinach pie made with fresh spinach you have to make yourself, they smell wonderful and you can not buy them anywhere. Just as with spinach, you can give your mouth a sensational taste in springtime with balsam. Should you ever come up with the idea to buy dried-up dried up tubs, do yourself a favor, look at the price and the ingredients.

Wholegrain spaetzle, if you want to do without white flour

Wholegrain Spätzle: The healthy way to eat spätzle, instead of regular flour, for example, take rye, spelled or buckwheat flour. I know Whole wheat pasta often tastes boring and that's why you prefer to use white flour, but it's different with spätzle. They spice up their "healthy" treats with fresh herbs, sliced tomatoes, spinach or cottage cheese. But just as you take grated nuts, shredded, dried mushrooms, in short your imagination is almost limitless. Make "healthy" delicious.

Tomato spaetzle, with tomato or tomato paste passing, red tinsel just look good

It does not just turn red, no, they also get a very special taste, no matter if they are rubbed in with fresh tomato or "just" with tomato marrow. Just when you are using fresh tomatoes you can prepare your spaghetti with wholemeal flour. It will taste you just like with white flour, only it is a little bit better for your figure and health. Just tell your children it's ketchup in it and the tomato spätzle will suddenly taste LIKE TOP. Add some parsley to the dough.

Caution! Really sharp! And delicious! Chilli Spätzle

Be very spicy .... Give chili pesto, or if you really want it hot, a very chopped chili pepper in the dough and you will have a whole new kind of enjoyment experience. This "Swedish Pasta" is certainly not for everyone but who wants it really hot will be thrilled. But even if you use "only" chili pesto, you will love the fiery note of this chili pepper. Of course, not just chili pesto, but virtually just about every pesto is suitable as an addition to your spaghetti.

Herbal Spaetzle: Using butterflies will improve the taste of your spaghetti

Whether it's very classy with fresh herbs from Provence or just chopped parsley, Kralumers have always got a special twist. Especially wholemeal flour is said to like tastelessness. But that does not have to be the case, with fresh, deep-frozen or dried herbs to spice up your taste. But not only herbs, but also any kind of ground noodles refine the taste. Spätzles are ideal to realize your ideas.

Livery, not just a poem in soup

Refined from fresh liver with herbs, they are the ideal soup ingredient. Liver, an egg, some breadcrumbs and salt, nutmeg and possibly marjoram. This dough is one of the best and finest soups that you can imagine. Do not forget to give plenty of chives in the back so that the enjoyment is perfect. Actually, the soup with liver pancake is just a tasty soup, but you can also enjoy it with a hearty homemade hearty beef soup as a main course. A hot soup with a crunchy inlay wows the body and the soul. Pamper yourself.

The basic recipe for spaetzle

There is no such thing as the exact and only correct recipe for spätzle. You can take a variety of types of flour, make the dough with or without eggs, add water to the milk or other liquids in the dough, but the principle is always the same, the dough should afterwards be more than 100%. When it comes to food, your imagination knows no bounds, just experiment a bit. For those who enjoy a healthy diet, vegetarian, vegan or low carb, Spätzle offers endless possibilities.

Black spaetzle, not just for the eye

Not only black spaghetti but also black spatters will make an impression on your next dinner invitation. Make your "Schwäbische Spätzle" immediately the "Schwäbische Pasta". Colored in black, these Spätzle al Nero di Seppia are in no way inferior to their black sisters' spaghetti. On the contrary, you determine how dark the spatters become, the more sepia (squid ink) the darker, the black spicery is of course the best side dish with fish sauces, but also with mozzarella di bufala campana, rocket and tomatoes Enjoyment.

Quark or pot pie, not just to taste Baden Baden

but also as a "welcome" dish. With quark sausages, the liquid is replaced by curds, you can do without any eggs or use only one egg, for example. The quark sausages taste a little more so some women simply add one to two tablespoons of quark to the dough instead of milk or water. Again, just experiment, just experiment.

Spaetzle comes in many variations

Of course, in the land where wheat is spiced, not only spätzle is served as a side dish.
No, even a Swabian can eat French fries, rice or potatoes. However, when a visit is announced, a real Swabian will naturally come across any recipe if possible scrape spätzle as a side dish.
Homemade Spices are natural for all dishes with Soz particularly well suited as they are particularly good at absorbing soy due to their roughened surface and their soft consistency. Not for nothing are "Spartan on soy" (Spätzle and Soz e) have become a serious competitor for fries and ketchup. Due to the many different types of treats, the tartlets are particularly suitable for many dishes and thus live up to your name as "Schwalmische Pasta".