Spaetzlerezepte Traditionell

Traditional Swabian Spaetzle recipes

Spaetzle could also be described as the foundation of the Swabian cuisine, because all typical Swabian dishes are served with spaetzle, so a roast onions without spaetzle is unthinkable for a Swabian 
Of course, it must not be so-called "Lazy-women spaetzle" from the bags or freezer, but must always be fresh and home-made on the table. 
In the beginning, spätzle were made only from spelled flour, today mainly from wheat flour type 405. But all spätzle recipes you can prepare with almost any other type of flour. So there are now hundreds of traditional Spätzlerezepte for vegetarians and vegans, of course, in gluten-free and low carb. Some Swabian spaetzle recipes, such as lentils and spaetzle, are more used to non-Swabians. Other Swabian spaetzle specialties such as cheese spaetzle are already represented on many menus worldwide. Here is a typical Swabian selection:

Badischer Trollinger Braten


cheese noodles

The classic Spätzlegicht, always when it should go fast and still something special on the table must. 

The recipe can be found here ...

Zwiebelrostbraten mit Spätzle

Roast beef with onions

Here is the classic "Swabian Sunday dish, but the onion roast is not only eaten by the Swabians. 

Try this recipe ...


roast pork

In Swabia, roast pork basically includes fresh, home-made spaetzle. What else would you like to pick up the sauce with? 

Here is the delicious recipe

Herb spaetzle ..

Goulash with spaetzle ...

Badischer Trollinger roast ...

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Lentils and Spaetzle

If you're in Swabia next time, try this terrific dish with belly meat and wiener sausages. 

The recipe can be found here ...

Cheese spaetzle with cream sauce ...

Cheese spaetzle in the pan ...

Simple cheese spaetzle


Gaisburger march

A typical "Swabian specialty" that you either love and bring back to the table, or just eat once. Try makes smart 

To taste, here is the recipe ...