Die Spätzlepresse

Can I completely do without the spaetzle press in the future?

Or what can the spaetzle press do, what my spaetzle board can not do?

Let's ask another question: is a real Sunday roast just for you from the pig? Can not it be a fine venison or a juicy roast beef from time to time?


Quite similar is the spaetzle board. For while the spaetzle press produces 20 to 30 cm long "noodles", you scrape a maximum of 5 cm long spaetzle with the spaetzle board. That just brings more variety to the table.

Quite apart from that: The effort with the spaetzle wobble, as the press is often called affectionate, has already spoiled many a cook's fun with spaetzle making. First you do not know where to go with the press, then you are annoyed by the huge flush mountain and if you are unlucky enough to rust the part eventually. Make it easier.

Is dealing with the spaetzle press complicated or simple?

How easy, complicated or difficult the handling of the spaetzle press , or even Spätzle Schwob, as the press is often called, depends on your skill. One thing is for sure, you should use a thicker dough like any other device. If the spaetzle dough is too thin, it comes out everywhere but not in front through the holes. Because of the thick dough, the pressing is a little harder, many women then bring their men to help, who are happy again to prove their strength.



The spaetzle press has now received new and really serious competition

Until today there was no real alternative to the spaetzle press if you wanted long Swabian spaetzle and just can not scrape by hand.

But now there is the spaetzle-michel, so that really everyone can cook quite simply and without practice Swabian, long spaetzle like handgeschabtte.

What is the difference between hand-scraped spaetzle and spaetzle from spaetzle press?

Such a real spaetzle dough is beaten by hand according to old tradition so that plenty of air in the dough comes. Some housewives take extra mineral water instead of normal water, the carbon dioxide in it to make the dough loose and supple.

And then we put the dough in the press and squeeze all the air out of the dough. That's why hand-scraped spaetzle just tastes better.

With Spätzle presses there are the most different designs, plastic, aluminum cast or metal some have different Locheinsätze around the most different Spaetzle kinds to produce. Good are those presses that have an extension at the front for placing on the saucepan, so you can spend more force pushing the dough. But please do not press one-sided otherwise the pot could topple over with boiling water.

You can buy a spaetzle press for as little as 20.- Euro, but I would recommend you spend at least 35 Euro or more for it, then you really get a good part in which the handles do not break or, very much annoying, the hole inserts fall out during pressing and the entire content of the dough falls into the water.

Handling spaetzle press:

If your dough is exactly right, further handling of the press is relatively easy. It is best to place these on your tray and fill the dough with a tablespoon into the container and then squeeze it quickly and quickly into the boiling water. If you hold the spaetzle swab fairly close to the water, the spaetzle will be a little thicker because the dough can not pull properly. Take a further distance, the spaetzle will be thinner.


When cleaning the ghosts divorced, some say it is enough to press the spaetzle press several times in cold water to get the holes clean, but a real Swabian housewife will clean each hole with a toothpick or the like, from inside to outside and from outside to the inside.


If you want really long spaetzle there is unfortunately no other reasonably functioning option than the spaetzle press. One question always remains, is it worthwhile for a slightly longer spaetzle to take the most time-consuming cleaning of the spaetzle driver? The spaetzle miracle comes in the dishwasher. Why not? Take the spaetzle miracle today and tomorrow the spaetzle press, so variety is on the plate.

Here are a few pictures of different spaetzle presses:

Sp_tzlepresse-3s88i1RD18CiAx Spaetzle press made of plastic. In price relatively cheap, but hold 
they stand the great pressure you exert during pressing?
Spaetzlepresse-2Fm3TFYzmlsDYY This press has elongated holes, the spaetzle should rather 
similar to the "hand-scraped" spaetzle.
Spaetzlepresse-1qI96kA60xBDYb Here a Spätzlepresse made of cast aluminum, there are all possible versions.

Here the spaetzle press with round holes. Is that rather spaghetti or 
is that still spaetzle?

Spaetzle presses in action



Spaetzle do with the spaetzle press

Fill the spaetzle dough: For the spaetzle press the spaetzle dough should already be quite firm. If it is too thin, the dough will come out at the top rather than through the holes. 
Press firmly and vigorously then almost infinitely long spaetzle come, similar to spaghetti only a little thicker from the spaetzle sweep. 
The easiest way is if you put the press on the pot and squeeze vigorously from above. So you get the firmest spaetzle dough through the holes of spaetzle press. But be careful, do not forget so the pot does not slip off the stove.


How good that there is the Spaetzle Wonder.

Although the spaetzle is not 30 cm long, usually 5 to 7 cm, but these taste just as delicious as the extra long sisters. But the handling and cleaning is a breeze. And before you buy unimaginative noodles, or even worse superteure finished spaetzle from the bag, the taste for nothing: you better go to spaetzle board. With him the spaetzle scraping is lightning fast. Cook faster than pasta! On top of that you always know what's in your homemade spaetzle dough: fresh eggs, flour and salt - nothing else. 
Here is the basic recipe for spaetzle

And if you handle Muxel's patent scraper properly, the spaetzle will last longer, not as spagetti from the press, similarly long and thin, but more like hand-scraped.

The edge of the dough scraper must not touch the spaetzle board, do not cut the dough off.

glass pot

Long spaetzle are pushed through the spaetzle board 
It's easy with the Spaetzle Wonder

scrape the-spaetzle-

Spaetzle fall into the pot. As soon as they swim up again


get your homemade, fresh spaetzle out

For some dishes such as cheese spätzle, baking peas or liver spaetzle as a soup insert, the short spaetzle from spätzle board fit much better anyway.

Conclusion: Nobody wants to take away your spaetzle press.

But if you want to go fast and then, if you are looking for a delicious alternative to long spaetzle, then you will certainly be amazed by your spaetzle wonder. 
The Spätzlewunder can not and does not want to replace the Spätzlepresse, because come out of the press 20 to 30 cm long thin Spaetzle, we can not do this with the spaetzle miracle, which look more like the hand-scraped Spaetzle if you work with the rounding. Take the spaetzle miracle whenever you want it to go fast, for example, if you do not feel like having to rinse it thoroughly, or if the pressure is too heavy for you and no helping strong husband is on your side. By the way, if you want to make Original Allgäuer Käsespätzle (a world-famous specialty), you will not need long spaetzle, because it must be Knöpfle. Of course, the spaetzle miracle is also quick and easy.


Have not you been annoyed about your spaetzle press? Especially if the dough does not want to go out of the fine holes or if the dough is not right, too thin is everywhere not only come down, or too tight and you almost do not press it. You maybe because of this finished spaetzle bought, possibly even those from the freezer? 
A serving can cost as fast as 2.98 euros and then for a family 3 packages around 9 euros?

The spaetzle miracle works with every dough and comes afterwards in the dishwasher.

You too can make it easier.

My promise: With the spaetzle miracle you make spaetzle fast and easy, you work from top to bottom in the pot and not next to it, the kitchen stays clean. And afterwards it comes in the dishwasher ...