Spätzlereibe Spätzlewunder from Muxel with patent scraper EISBLAU

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In the future you too can make fresh homemade spaetzle in all possible variations yourself. As... more
Product information "Spätzlereibe Spätzlewunder from Muxel with patent scraper EISBLAU"
In the future you too can make fresh homemade spaetzle in all possible variations yourself. As a side dish or main course. Spicy, tart, fruity or sweet. Asian with curry, colorful with tomatoes and spinach, vegan without eggs or quark spätzle for dessert. Your imagination is the limit. 

Super easy - super fast - super clean

Just put the spaetzle dough on Muxel's spaetzle wonder and squeeze it with the patent scraper. If you work with the rounding of Muxel's godfather, you will get long spaetzle, with the sharp edge falling "Knöpfle ins Töpfle". Zack - ready! It does not get any faster or easier!

Make Spätzle with Muxel's Spaetzle Board is faster than cooking noodles! Once you experience the incredible speed with which your spaetzle bowl fills, you'll never give it back to the magical kitchen helpers.

Do not be afraid of the spaetzle dough, it's really easy, because the spaetzle wonder does not care if your dough is thicker or thinner, made from wholegrain flour or spelled flour. It gets along with every dough. The result is always tasty, home-made, fresh spaetzle. After work, the spaetzle miracle simply comes in the dishwasher or you flush it with a rinse brush lightning fast again sparkling.

Even as a spaetzle professional you benefit from Muxel's Spaetzle Wonder. It is ideal if you do not always want to scrape by hand, have the rinse from spaetzle slicer or the press is too heavy.

What is the secret of Muxel's spaetzle board?

Muxel's spaetzle board consists of the special plastic Lonsi-Yol. Its surface is so smooth that the spaetzle dough hardly sticks and can easily be pushed through the holes - without clumping or sticking the holes together. In addition, there is the unique patented special scraper, which you will receive exclusively through Muxel's Spaetzle Wonder. Not only do you conjure up long Swabian spaetzle but also Bavarian bobbles - as you wish.

With Muxel's spaetzle miracle you get yourself a brilliant universal kitchen helper into the house.

Many kitchen appliances are useless because they are so rarely needed. That does not happen to you with Muxel's Spaetzleboard. It is a true all-round wonder because you can use it daily for many more kitchen work.

For example:

- As a sieve for pouring cooking water without scalding your hands
- as overflow and splash protection with boiling liquids (also milk!),
- as an intermediate piece for too small or too large pot lids, as a strainer when thawing frozen food,
- as a filing and washing
-up sieve for fruit, salad and vegetables.

In combination with the cooking hood in Muxel's Spaetzle Set 5 in 1, Muxel's Spätzlewunder becomes a steamer for the vitamin-preserving, low-salt and fat-free preparation of vegetables, fish and meat.


Muxel's spaetzle board *
(38 cm long, 28 cm wide, 8 mm Lochdu) for the quick preparation of homemade spaetzle of any kind.   

Unique patented special scraper *
for long spaetzle and short knöpfle, which you will receive exclusively through Muxel's Spaetzle Wonder   


Spaetzle cookbook with numerous recipes
for heavenly spaetzle

* = made from unbreakable and impact-resistant Lonsi-Yol plastic, food safe, heat-resistant up to 170 degrees, dishwasher safe, here in the color ice blue
color: Blau
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